Unbiased (model free), near real-time Machine Learned ensemble forecasts for time-series.

Precision Alpha Forecast

Using customer’s historical time-series, an ensemble forecast for markets is generated in a manner very similar to numerical weather prediction.  Instead of making a single forecast using Precision Alpha’s exact mathematical probabilities, a set of 100 forecasts in automatically produced.  The ensemble of 100 forecasts indicates the range of possible future states.  Elevated thermal probabilities due to non-equilibrium and the low-dimensionality of the problem, make for very informative predictions.

Forecast subscribers have access to their own Precision Alpha S3 sub-bucket. The subscriber loads time-series to the S3 bucket, and the uploaded file is automatically submitted for forecasting.   Subscribers pay a monthly subscription and for usage.

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Closing Prices to Mechanical and Thermal Probabilities


Closing Prices to Single Forecast (30 Day Horizon)


Closing Prices to Ensemble Forecast (100 single forecasts, 10 Day)

Percentage (y-axis) of 100 individual forecasts that reach expected return (x-axis) over next ten trading days.

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